We are looking for enthusiastic facilitators who will help us making the Berlin Change Days 2017 a success. This is your chance to inspire participants, share your passion and new insights and get input and feedback from change practitioners from all over the world. If you are interested to contribute to a remarkable event, please read the text below and follow the instructions.



Leading and Sustaining Change in a VUCA World 


We live in unprecedented times. The extent of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that affect our lives, our relationships, our organizations, our communities, and the world has reached a level that is nearly impossible to bear. While thinking about the next Berlin Change Days, we have no clue about how the world will look like when we meet in nine months from now.


But we mustn’t hold our breath for that long, we need to move on. The craft of our profession as change makers and change facilitators is needed more than ever. With our experience, methods and approaches, we can take the lead in restoring trust and shaping power.


Yes, there is lots of work for us to do. As Otto Scharmer wrote in his recent post 2017–Trump–Are We Ready to Rise?: "2017, I believe, will be a key year—anything is possible, anything can happen, good or bad. ...The root of the word leadership means to cross a threshold. That threshold now is right in front of us…”


As witnesses of the tensions between trust and distrust, the powerful and the powerless, hierarchies and holacracies, empowerment and control, it is up to us to help the world to make sense and make progress. In order to host the discussions that will weave a path through these paradoxes, we first need to understand the conflicting forces ourselves. We would like you to join us in exploring , power and empowerment, as well as confidence and control.   


For the BCD17, we want to explore how POWER and TRUST interact in our organisations and and in society. As our context changes, new questions arise for those of us who aim to change the world:


Exploring Power:

  • What is power and how is it attained?
  • What is the positive intention of power? How can power be used to create better organizations, and a better world?
  • How can we become aware of the power we hold and the effects our own power has on the systems in which we interact?
  • How to recognise and stop the abuse of power?


Exploring Trust:

  • What is trust and how is it nurtured?
  • What is happening to our trust in leaders, politics and policies?
  • How does fear, risk and courage interplay with trust?
  • When trust is broken, how can we repair or renew relationships?


Exploring the interaction of Power & Trust: 

  • How can we help leaders to use their power wisely and trust justly? 
  • Which system and structures of organizations and communities are currently emerging which are based on different paradigm of power and trust?
  • If we look at the new technologies that are about to cause even more disruption, what impact will they have on how we think about power and trust?
  • How should we, as change makers, position ourselves with the powerful, powerless, trusted, deceitful, feared, or fearful? 

If you think that you can contribute to the exploration of this theme, we encourage you to submit a proposal for the next BCD. We are looking for interactive workshops that illuminate power, trust or both. We are counting on you as talented facilitators to offer your peers experiences that will help them to be better change makers. The more experiential your approach, the better!


To submit your proposal,
click here to read our terms and answer our questionnaire



What participants of the Berlin Change Days say about the event:

"I would describe the BCD in three words: Wow, wow and wow!"

"It is one of the most important annual conferences for me to keep on track concerning megatrends, news in facilitation and consulting for "change", and to meet inspiring people."

“This event has made me realize that change-setting is never too late. We always have ample time. We just have to jumpstart it in our unique individual contexts and capacities. There will always be like-minded individuals who are willing to join.”

"Great connection. Great people. Good learning. Absolutely worthwhile. Thank you."

"I felt enthusiastic and full of new energy. The Berlin Change Days left me inspired and with concrete ideas for how to implement some of these ideas. Thank you very much for this great conference and the co-creation!" 

"I feel thankful for the great opportunity meeting so many great people, changing thoughts and ideas and learning a lot. I take lots of inspiration into my work. Thanks to Holger and the team for organizing such a great event. Looking forward to meeting you next year. Good time!"